Middle East Special
Forces Experience

Multiple members of the BOUW team worked together in the Middle East as part of a Special Forces Ranges Program to complete the following:

  • Special Forces Facilities Feasibility Studies.
  • Design Development and management of PMCA.
  • Construction Management.
  • Procurement and Schedule Management.
  • Master Planning.
  • Procurement and construction phases of the program.
  • Configuration and planning of existing systems and structures to support the training, operations and capability development of the assets and force development.

Key responsibility is to establish an Operational & Facilities Management organisation to manage the estate, including Range Control organization, facility maintenance and logistics systems to support Special Forces estate and the new state of art:

  • Weapons Ranges and Training Facilities including:
  • 16 x 100m Indoor Fire and Movement Range IFMR (360 degree Range); 
  • 1 x 50m Indoor Fire and Movement Range IFMR (360 degree Range); 
  • 30 x 400m & 500m MTR and Sniper Ranges; 
  • 6 x 25m Ranges NDA, 
  • RCR – Room Combat Range
  • 16 x Range Control Facilities
  • Fire & Movement Ranges
  • Battle Inoculation Range
  • Demolition Range
  • Virtual Simulation Range – VIRTSIM
  • Combined Admin Facilities
  • MOUT Facilities
  • Climbing Rope Facilities
  • Method of Entry Villas (MOE)
  • Gas Mask Training Facility
  • Search Facility
  • Method of Entry House
  • Maritime Counter Terror Facility
  • Skills Villa / Urban Ops Village
  • Aircraft Mock Up
  • RTR
  • Electronic target systems 
  • Audio visual equipment
  • Communications network and infrastructure
  • HVAC systems designed for contaminated environments. 

Key experience and skills include:

  • Ballistic Materials procurement, testing and commissioning
  • Bullet Trap Design
  • Polytonic Target Systems 
  • Range Policy standards and requirements:
  • Line painting
  • OHS Signage
  • Fire exit
  • Safety requirements for 360 degree ranges
  • Range furniture
  • Indoor Ranges Lead Management
  • Whole of life design considerations
  • Range Danger Area – Templates
  • Polytronic Factory Acceptance Testing
  • Thiessen Target System Installation and Commissioning
  • Testing and commissioning of Polytronic Target Systems
  • Weapon Systems training aids and range furniture procurement design
  • Range technician training
  • Ballistic testing protocols for:
  • Rubber Lamels
  • Bullet Trap
  • Rubber Lamels fire testing
  • HVAC commissioning and airflow testing procedures
  • Services and structure coordination for target systems

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