BOUW has a unique team that brings worldwide experience from some of the most sophisticated Special Forces and Security Agency training facilities. Combining the extensive experience of our team with the newest technology from around the globe, BOUW can support you in your projects. We facilitate the delivery of needed facilities and the achievement of your training liability requirements. BOUW brings its clients and security agencies lessons learnt from some of the world’s largest training area projects delivered in the last 5 years.

Some of the services we will bring to you are:

  • Business case development / feasibility studies
  • Schematic design support
  • Cost planning support
  • Project Management
  • Superintendent services
  • Value engineering

Specific experience the BOUW team has with indoor and outdoor ranges and training areas includes:

  • Range safety assessments
  • Facility risk assessment
  • 360 degree/270 degree – indoor ranges design advice
  • Ballistic materials selection and incorporation into the envelop of the indoor and outdoor ranges
  • Indoor and outdoor live fire and simulation facilities
  • Ballistic materials testing (fire and ballistic penetration testing)
  • Lead management plan development (supported by qualified occupational hygienist)
  • Development of Range Standing Orders and SOP’s
  • Range Safety Template development
  • Commissioning and handover support of Ballistic materials, Bullet Trap and Target Systems integration

Procurement support for:

  • Bullet Traps
  • Target Systems
  • Contractors
  • Facility Maintenance contractors
  • HAZMAT removal contractors (lead and range produce)
  • Range furniture and training aids

Facilities the Bouw team have delivered and supported:

  • Program Management of a $1.5b US Ranges project for SF client in the Middle East
  • Range Safety Certification – Police, Middle East SF Client, ADF
  • 16 x 360 degree ranges – Live fire, mechanised target systems including movers and robots
  • ADF Ranges as Client-Side Project Manager
  • ADF – CFI, PDS, Medium Works contracts

Ranges including:

  • 25m OLR
  • 25m – 270 degree indoor ranges
  • 100m IFMR – 360 degree
  • 50m IFMR – 360 degree
  • RTR
  • MOE
  • RFCR
  • Range refurbishment, & lead decontamination
  • MCT Facility – Oil rigs, TDC, ship at anchor, ship along side, SUR 
  • 400m MTR
  • 500m sniper range
  • EDD Search 
  • NBCD Facilities
  • Driver training facilities
  • Range control buildings
  • Range control civil and services
  • Mechanised live fire manoeuvre range – feasibility and schematic design
  • Mock Airport/Hotel/office simulation ammunition range 
  • Video simulation range
  • Mechanised stationary fire points and ranges
  • Climbing/ helicopter repelling/sniper towers
  • Robot target systems
  • Mobile and stationary deployable target systems
  • Training/video/debriefing – After action review facilities
  • Military Schools 
  • Steel target systems
  • Urban Operation Training Facilities
  • Demolition ranges
  • Dive Facilities

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